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5200 vs. 200 Vitamix Professional Series (Know The Better Choice)

5200 vs. 200 Vitamix Professional Series (Know The Better Choice)

The Vitamix has a long queue of value and dependable blenders, and today we will check out two of these.

The Vitamix Professional 200 and 5200 are two of Vitamix’s well-known blenders. Both are top quality and elite execution blenders, and both these blenders brag strong engines that make them probably the best blender accessible on the lookout.

This article will reveal insight into these blenders and know their similitudes and contrasts. Along these lines, we should get everything rolling.

Substance show

Vitamix 200 First Impressions

Vitamix 200 is important for the Vitamix C-stage. This model is upgraded for proficient culinary experts.

It accompanies a pitcher that accompanies diverse speed settings for an outstanding mixing experience.

This blender accompanies a strong engine that will make squeezing a more good errand.

Vitamix 5200 First Impressions

Vitamix 5200 is a top-class blender; truth be told, it is probably the best blender Vitamix is giving.

This unit was sent off back in 2007 and still is respected best because of its advancement and innovation.


These two models are comparative based on many fronts in engine conditions, variable rates, cooking framework, pitcher, and then some.

How about we intricately see these likenesses:

Pitcher Size:

These blenders have a similar pitcher size – 64 ounces approx. The limits of both these blenders are sufficiently enormous to hold huge estimated segments that are enough for the whole house.

Cutting edges:

These blenders are furnished with hardened steel sharp edges. These cutting edges are adequately practical and will pound the food to exceptionally fine subtleties to give you a smooth and predictable mix.

Mixing Speed:

Both blenders’ presentations can be viewed as something similar. These blenders barely require 6-7 minutes to separate the juice from your food fixings.

The extraction season of these two blenders is quicker than most blenders accessible on the lookout.


Aspect –

Vitamix Pro 200 has a 9 x 8.8 x 20.2 inches component, while then again, Vitamix 5200 has an element of 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 inches. Vitamix 5200 is, for the most part, huge, particularly regarding tallness.

In actuality, Vitamix 200 accompanies a safety position, and the enormous base makes it stable. Along these lines, Vitamix 200 is simple to convey in correlation with Vitamix 5200.

Weight –

Both these machines come around in various loads. Vitamix 5200 has 10.56 pounds though Vitamix Pro 200 has 16.85 pounds. The distinction of 6 pounds normally influences the selection of clients because the lightweight of Vitamix 5200 makes it more compact.

Speed Control –

Both these blenders accompany various rates. However, their activity contrasts marginally.

These two together permit you to change the speed and surface of the mix.

Vitamix 5200, then again, accompanies simply an adjustable dial and not a ten variable speed. The turning dial gives you some assortment in the surface and mixing process.

Power Consumption –

The power utilization of both these blenders is something very similar, and they produce different results. Here, yield decides the proficiency of the mixing system.

Vitamix 200 produces a force of 1400W, while Vitamix 5200 creates 1380W of force. The power yield is by all accounts comparative. However, it is centered around execution.

Flexibility –

The flexibility of a blender and the number of plans and fixings you can make are significant points for thought.

Vitamix Pro 200 is very restricted uniquely to its devastating execution, and it will just allow you to squash and mix leafy foods.

Vitamix 5200, then again, is an all-out all-rounder and gives a lot of choices. Besides mixing and smashing foods grown from the ground, it also permits you to squash nuts and frozen fixings.


Vitamix is most likely a go-to choice assuming you are searching for a blender that mirrors a solid way of life. In any case, the best one will rely upon individual requirements and inclinations.

Since you buy the blender from the top brand and spend your hard-brought on cash, you ought to doubtlessly go for the best item.

I trust this article may help you in knowing the best blender.