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Can you heat frozen fries in the microwave? - What you should know

Can you heat frozen fries in the microwave? - What you should know

French fries complete a meal, especially if you buy them frozen and quickly fry them or bake them or even air fry them.

They make a quick accompaniment to food or even an appetizer or snack, and you can customize them however you like.

Of course, there are plenty of people who make their fries from scratch. But if you live life on the go, this isn’t always an option, and sometimes you just need a quick fix.

So you take those fries out of the freezer and read the bag to see the fastest way to heat them up.

Can frozen fries be heated in the microwave?  Unfortunately, it’s not a good idea to microwave fries. There are a select few options that are specifically designed to be microwaveable, but other than these, chances are you’ll end up with soggy or rubbery fries. 

In this guide, we are going to share with you a detailed review of some microwave fries and share with you all the details you want to know about how to heat up fries quickly without the microwave.

Stay with us to learn about microwave fries and much more.

Can frozen fries be reheated in the microwave?

We have already revealed the secret that you cannot cook frozen French fries in the microwave.

We do want to point out that you can reheat already cooked French fries in the microwave. In fact, you can check out our guide with full instructions for reheating French fries in the microwave .

However, cooking frozen French fries is more complicated and requires better methods to ensure that the fries come out crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and perfectly cooked.

Microwaving just doesn’t work for most French fries. You can quickly find out by checking the packaging of the frozen fries in question.

You’ll see that most of these packages have procedures for cooking the fries in the oven or toaster oven. They may also have recommendations for frying.

Some fries have updated their packaging to include air fryer instructions, but you can probably try air frying without those instructions.

When it comes to cooking frozen French fries, most of the time we recommend that you follow one of the recommended methods on the bag.

Most of those frozen fries won’t have microwave instructions and that’s simply because they don’t cook well that way.

If you like your chips soggy and mushy, you can try it!

There are some specific fries that do allow you to cook them in the microwave. Ore Ida is a popular brand that offers this type of fries. We’ll talk more about them in a minute.

You may find other brands that offer similar solutions.

What we really want to point out is that unless they are packaged for this type of purpose or made with microwave cooking instructions, you shouldn’t rely on the microwave to really enjoy your frozen fries.

Now, let’s talk about the French fries that we mentioned a moment ago.

The best microwave fries

If you don’t have an oven, toaster, or air fryer, or just don’t want to fuss with any of those gadgets, you can buy frozen microwaveable French fries.

What makes them microwaveable when other fries aren’t?

The truth is in the packaging, to be honest. French fries need to be crisp when done. They shouldn’t be hard or burnt, but they shouldn’t be extra soft, soggy, or mushy either.

Unfortunately, that’s the result you tend to get in the microwave.

On a positive note, there are a few companies that have had the foresight to come up with a solution for a quick option that is microwave compatible. Ore Ida is one of those companies.

They have created a packaging that comes in a microwavable box instead of a bag. Below we have a detailed review of the product.

Recommended: Ore Ida Ready Frozen Fries in 5

Ore Ida has a great reputation for its frozen potato products. They are delicious and made with fresh potatoes.

Main features:

  • Ready in 5 minutes
  • Packaging specially designed for the microwave
  • super easy to cook
  • They taste almost as good as frozen fries cooked the other way.
  • No oven, oil or other accessories required
  • 2 styles of fries to choose from

They are designed to be crispy and golden on the outside with just the right texture and point on the inside when you make them.

They serve Crispy Fries, Waffle Fries, Curly Fries, Steak Fries, French Fries, Mashed Potatoes and much more. They have a little bit of everything and it seems they have perfected the potato market.

Its 5-minute fries are specially designed so you can cook them in the microwave. They really are ready to eat in about 5 minutes, making them a quick fix when you need it.

They’re crispy in the microwave, so you’re not left with soggy or mushy fries that don’t taste good.

They’re the perfect side dish, and since they’re microwaveable, you can use them for an on-the-go meal if you need to.

Take them to work, heat up a quick snack, serve them up to the family (they’ll never know they were microwaved). You can even add some cheese, bacon, and jalapenos and treat yourself to some loaded fries.

Of course, you can add whatever seasonings and spices you want.

How do they work

Ore Ida potato products are made with freshly peeled Grade A potatoes. All their potatoes are American grown.

Ready in 5 French fries are specifically designed to be cooked in the microwave. The key was to offer a reliable solution that was fast and convenient when you needed it.

So how have they been able to create a frozen potato chip that can be successfully cooked in the microwave?

It’s actually quite simple. The potato and the fried potato are the same. They did not change the design of the fries or the ingredients. They have changed the packaging.

Instead of coming in a bag designed to be poured into a pan, they’re in a little box. The box resembles that of a frozen dinner.

This box is equipped with crunch sheets integrated into the sides of the container . There is a crispy foil on both the top and bottom sides, which are the larger sides that should directly touch all the fries in one way or another.

Cooking these fries in a 1100-watt microwave is recommended, but you can also adjust your microwave or cooking times accordingly. The key is not to overcook the fries so they don’t end up hard.

The best thing is that Ore Ida has two different options for this particular style. You can get extra crispy or extra crispy golden fries. You can choose.

Overall, it’s a great option if you want frozen fries that can be microwaved. Remember that, in general, frozen French fries are not suitable for the microwave, unless they are specifically labeled as such on the packaging.

These are specially made for this purpose and the packaging is designed to facilitate the process.

A packet of these chips might not be enough for a whole family, but they make a great snack or side for a couple of people.


While it’s an unfortunate answer that most frozen fries can’t be microwaved, it’s nice to have a simple solution that will work for you if you need it.

That means that the answer to this question was not a complete failure and that there are options out there.

If you want to make French fries in the microwave, be sure to look at the packaging and see if it is a suitable cooking option.

If all else fails, turn to those Ore Ida Fries Ready in 5 Minutes or turn to another cooking solution to feed your potato chip craving.