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Can You Use a Glass Bowl in Air Fryer?

You’re not simply getting rid of your old oil fryer when you move to air frying. You’re also getting rid of the containers and bowls used for frying.


Not always, to be sure. While glass bowls and containers are frequently prohibited for air frying, some people claim that they can be used successfully in an air fryer.

Others aren’t so sure.

What really is the truth?

There’s no disputing that an air fryer is a fantastic appliance. It delivers firm, salty French fries in a shockingly short amount of time, with a big chunk of the fat and calories you’d anticipate from a specific restaurant order or McDonald’s run. In addition, the flavor is unrestricted.

You may also add your herbs and tastes, as well as out-of-the-container toppings, to spice things up.

However, getting that otherworldly, “singed” sweetness with a thinned down edge is all on how you use your air-fryer.

You won’t get the taste and surface you want if you make these overly common mistakes with your air fryer.

The Air Fryer is a relatively new kitchen appliance with a strange domain.

What we mean is that there are numerous questions to which answers may be provided, one of which is “Would we be able to use a glass bowl in an Air Fryer?”

The air fryer, one of the newest kitchen appliances, has been marketed as the solution to healthy living. It takes 80 percent fewer fats to make food that tastes as good as fresh and is incredibly simple to prepare. All things considered, I have to say that it is my ideal kitchen machine because it doubles as a burner and does so much more.

I’ve previously reheated leftovers in the air fryer and even remade fresh french fries.

Warming food in an air fryer is unquestionably more beneficial than doing it in a microwave!

As long as they’re ovenproof and constructed of glass, clay, metal, or silicone, your air fryer can handle a wide variety of pans and cooking molds.

Air Fryer

If you’re not using the air fryer bushel, keep in mind that the tin you choose should give some room on both sides of the air fryer hole.

It ensures that the wind stream passes through and cooks the food evenly on all sides.

While an air fryer can be used as a stove, a grill, or a toaster, there is little information available on how to use it effectively if you are a beginner.

Given that an Air Fryer performs slightly better than a conventional broiler and microwave, this is undoubtedly an issue worth asking.

You’d rather not jeopardize your priceless cookware.

I’ve made that mistake a few times in my life, so I understand why you’d want to know the answer to this question.

To put it another way, as long as your glass bowl is stove safe, you can use it in your Air Fryer.

However, there is an emotion of apprehension that we must include. Since I failed to appreciate the fundamental laws of material physics, I have broken a handful of stove-safe glass cooking dishes twice or more.

Anyone who has used an air fryer for any length of time is likely to be aware of an essential aspect for air fryers - wind current!

Since an air fryer’s ability to cook depends on the route of sight-seeing around the frying compartment, we quickly figured out how to never obstruct this in any way.

“However, thou shalt not square wind stream!” would be my central point if I had to write an air fryer 101 book or a rule of air fryer controls.

This is why the frying container is a standard and necessary component of an air fryer. It has large apertures that let air flow freely through and around your meal.

It is a must-have ingredient if you want your cuisine to be firm. For the same reason, the other BBQ dish we bought for our Philips air fryer has multiple apertures.

Using a glass bowl or glass cookware that does not have holes in it will probably not be a good idea in this case.

You’re obstructing the flow of air around your food, which can make it take longer to prepare the food in the bottom of a glass bowl (for example), resulting in uneven cooking and, presumably, disappointment.

As a result, you should think about whether you should use a glass bowl in an air fryer in the first place, rather than whether you should use it in an air fryer at all!

We assume you’re considering using a glass bowl for the sole purpose of cooking a large number of items in your air fryer at the same time.

Or, on the other hand, is it only for your own comfort? Please let us know if you have any more reasons in the comments section below!

In contrast, using metal wire racks within your air fryer is the most acceptable alternative.

They will still allow the wind to circulate freely around the food, but they will also allow you to add a second level or layer to your cooking.

The best way to achieve this is to get a rack that fits snugly inside the components of your air fryer’s container (you don’t want it to slide around).

In any case, this would allow for the optimum measurement of wind current, and most, in any situation.

Only a few manufacturers have their own approved wire rack frill. After that, measure the size of your air fryer’s bin and hunt for wire racks that will fit on sites like Amazon.

Below is an example of a nonexclusive wire rack that can be found on Amazon.

One of the times I damaged a glass bowl was when I poured cold faucet water into it shortly after removing it from the broiler and hadn’t given it enough time to cool down naturally.

It caused the stretched particles in the glass to shrink quickly, causing it to shatter.

Temperatures in an Air Fryer can vary from low to high and high to low in a brief period, which is why we’re talking about it.

These extreme temperature variations will cause cracks to form in the glass bowls.

If you want to see if your dish sets can endure the rigors of an Air Fryer, you may test them by placing them void in the Fryer and raising the temperature to its highest setting.

It allows you to assess their safety without the risk of contaminating your food with glass fragments. Repeat these tests a few times to confirm that your glass bowl is well-protected for use in an Air Fryer.

This article has clearly shown that the Air Fryer is a relatively new kitchen appliance, and cooking utensils explicitly developed for an Air Fryer are still unusual.

This means you should test what works and what doesn’t in them for the most part.

It is, without a doubt, created at temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius, so we should be able to handle the heat in an Air Fryer without difficulty.


Are you looking for a new kitchen gadget to add to your collection?

With so many gadgets on the market and more being added every day, it cannot be easy to decide what to buy.

If you want to buy an Air Fryer, you should consider whether or not you have enough space. And if you do have adequate room, the next concern is: How do I keep it clean?

The last thing you want to do is waste money on a kitchen gadget that doesn’t work or makes your life more difficult.

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