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Celery Salt Substitutes: 10 Great Options

Celery salt is something I like to use in my potato salad and different plates of mixed greens for additional newness and a lovely green taste. It gives a somewhat harsh and peppery completion to my plate of mixed greens.

In any case, this salt is likewise utilized in many dishes as a flavoring. You can add it to your soups, mixed greens, marinades, sauces, rice, veggies, stews, and as a rub for meats. Or, on the other hand, as a fixing in zest blends and mixed drinks.

Celery salt is produced using grounded wild celery seeds and is a very decent substitute for salt in your dishes. It gives spice to dishes as well as adds a reviving celery flavor.

Assuming that you are utilizing celery salt, you should lessen the customary salt added to your dish since celery salt contains two sections of salt and one section of grounded celery seeds. Celery salt functions admirably with garlic powder, ginger, parsley, dark pepper, paprika, and dry mustard.

If you don’t have celery salt available, some different flavors that taste really like celery can be a very decent substitute for celery salt.

You can utilize various substitutions, including celery leaves or stems blended in with salt, dill seeds, lovage seeds, fennel seeds, parsley leaves, cilantro leaves, carrot greens, or a portion of the substitutes underneath.

Celery Salt Substitutes

Probably the best substitute for celery salt is natively constructed. All you want is celery seeds and salt. Notwithstanding, if you don’t have celery seeds or you would rather avoid their solid flavor, you can use another substitute from the accompanying rundown.

1. Celery seeds and salt

Celery seeds

For a hand-crafted celery salt struggle, put the seeds in a zest or food processor and blend them with the salt. Assuming you need a smoother surface, you can crush them together.

That way, you will consistently have new celery salt in your home. The most awesome aspect? You can likewise change the measure of the salt and celery seeds as you would prefer.

You can add this salt to your plates of mixed greens, stews, soups, dressings, or as a flavoring for fish, meats, and poultry. Celery salt is additionally utilized as an enhancement in juices and mixed drinks.

2. Celery leaves and stems


Celery leaves and stems have less flavor than celery seeds. In this way, you should utilize a bigger sum to arrive at a comparable flavor.

You can slash the leaves and stalks into little pieces and add them to your dinner. Or on the other hand, dry them in your dehydrator or broiler at a low temperature, grind them and add some salt. Utilize this celery salt as old as would utilize the one made with celery seeds.

3. Celeriac leaves and stalks


Celeriac is a sort of celery with a consumable root. It has a similar taste to celery with a fresh and hard surface. You can either broil, bubble, steam, barbecue, saute, pound, or fry it.

New celeriac is utilized in servings of mixed greens and slaws. Nonetheless, it tends to be additionally included soups and stews. It Is a decent substitute for celery salt since it adds a comparative celery flavor to dishes.

4. Lovage seeds and salt



Lovage spice is like celery, an individual from the parsley family with a solid celery flavor with parsley and anise hint. The roots are a veggie, the leaves as a spice, and the seeds as a flavor.

Leaves and roots function admirably in numerous plates of mixed greens, stews, and soups. Likewise, you can smash the seeds and add them to cakes, rolls, bread, and cheeses.

If you like to make lovage salt, you can utilize both dried seeds or leaves. Grind the seeds or leaves and blend them in with salt at a 1:2 proportion (1 section seeds or leaves 2parts salt).

5. Dill seeds and salt


Dill is a spice from the celery family whose leaves and seeds enhance food. Its leaves can be utilized new or dried in soups, plunges, mixed greens, sauces. Nonetheless, it functions admirably with fish as well.

Dills seeds have a comparative yet lighter flavor than caraway, and you can utilize them squashed or entire in soups, bread, vegetable dishes, salad dressings, or pickles. To use dill seeds as a substitute for celery salt, you can crush and blend them in with salt.

Blend 1 tablespoon of ground dill seeds with two tablespoons of salt. Assuming you need a better surface, you can crush them again together. Add this adaptable salt in sauces, soups, meats, veggies, or different dishes fitting your personal preference.

6. Fennel seeds and salt

Fennel seeds

Fennel is an extremely fragrant spice with an anise-licorice-like flavor utilized in cooking, furthermore as one of the fixings in absinthe. Its bulb, leaves, and seeds (organic product) are utilized in many dishes.

The bulb is exceptionally firm and can be utilized as a vegetable. You can utilize barbecued, sauteed, braised, stewed, or crude. The young leaves can be utilized in servings of mixed greens, sauces, pasta, sautés, and soups.

Fennel seeds (entire or grounded) are a favorite flavor. They function admirably in both sweet and exquisite dishes—blend two tablespoons of salt with one tablespoon of ground fennel seeds and drudgery them. Assuming you need a more grounded flavor, toast the fennel seed in a skillet for 2 minutes and drudgery them after that. You can utilize this blend to substitute for celery salt in your dishes.

7. Caraway seeds and salt

Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds have a solid anise flavor and are utilized in numerous sweet and delicious dishes. You can utilize their entire or ground for a more grounded character.

They pair well with cabbage, pork, and garlic; however, they can also utilize them in curries, vegetables, mixed greens, sauces, soups, stews, meats, and sweets.

As a substitute for celery salt, you can make caraway salt. Utilize one tablespoon caraway seeds and two tablespoons salt blend them, and toil to a fine powder.

8. Parsley leaves


Parsley leaves are utilized as an embellishment and as a flavor. There are two kinds of parsley, including level leaf and wavy leaf, and they a both utilized in cooking. The leaves have a new, light flavor. You can utilize the new or dried in soups, veggies, mixed greens, or blended in with ground meat.

Blend 1 tablespoon dried parsley leaves with two tablespoons salt, and you will get parsley salt. You can utilize it to substitute for celery salt in any dish to add light parsley flavor.

9. Cilantro leaves


Cilantro is best when it is utilized new. These leaves with solid citrus and a little peppery flavor are from the coriander plant.

The seeds of this plant taste unique concerning the leaves, and they’re an extraordinary flavor. You can utilize fresh cilantro in plates of mixed greens, sauces, vegetables, chicken meat, and fish.

Blend 1 tablespoon of dried cilantro leaves with two tablespoons of salt. You can either dry the leaves in the broiler or food dehydrator if the leaves are new. Use it as you will utilize cilantro in dishes.

10. Carrot greens


Carrot greens are the noticeable greens over the dirt where carrots are developed with a somewhat harsh kind of parsley and celery. You can add them to various sauces, marinades, stews, rice soups, juices, and smoothies.

Just blend one tablespoon of carrot greens with two tablespoons salt and use it to substitute for celery salt. They taste like celery, so they make for a great substitute.

Related Questions

Would you be able to supplant celery with celery salt?

Indeed, you can supplant celery with celery salt because the salt has dried celery seeds and a comparable flavor. Make sure to decrease the measure of ordinary salt in your dish.

What is the contrast between celery seed and celery salt?

Celery salt is made of celery seeds and salt. The main distinction is the additional salt in the celery salt.

What is the contrast between celery salt and salt?

Celery salt contains celery seeds and salt and tastes celery. Furthermore, salt is salt.

Last Thoughts

Celery salt is a staple in numerous foods because of the new celery flavor. In any case, assuming you don’t have this salt close by, utilize a portion of the substitutes referenced all through this article.

Remember that they contain salt, so be cautious when utilizing them. Try not to add a lot because you will get a spicy dish. Furthermore, assuming that extra salt is in your formula, you should lessen its sum.

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