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Cooking Meat in a Rice Cooker: Step-by-step Instructions

Cooking Meat in a Rice Cooker: Step-by-step Instructions

A rice cooker is an electric robotized machine that permits you to cook ideal rice at home.

It works by holding the water and steaming the rice effectively and uniformly. It detects when the rice is finished by the difference in weight inside the machine.

When cooked, most models will likewise keep the rice warm until you are prepared to eat it.

As a rice cooker is a liner, it can cook meat. The best meats to cook in a rice cooker are delicate slight meats like chicken and fish. You can braise hamburgers and thicker meats any way you’ll require a specific measure of water or some water-based fluid (i.e., stock or stock).

The capacity to cook the meat just as rice in a rice cooker makes it a more flexible apparatus than it might some way or another first show up.

This eliminates the need to buy an extra apparatus for meats assuming you have a rice cooker, or can additionally legitimize the expense of buying a rice cooker in any case.

Step by step instructions to Cook Meat Inside A Rice Cooker

There are three different ways I cook the meat inside a rice cooker. Every one of these procedures is somewhat unique. The specific technique generally relies upon;

  • The kind of meat you are cooking
  • Regardless of whether you are additionally cooking rice in the rice cooker
  • How long you hold

I suggest following every one of the strategies with various meats to discover which technique(s) you like

While steaming, you should screen your meat’s temperature with a meat thermometer to guarantee the meats you cook arrive at a protected cooking temperature.

Chicken and other poultry should at minimum arrive at 165F/73.5c, while meat and pork should be cooked to at minimum 145F/62c.

1. Cook Meat and Rice Together

An extraordinary method of utilizing fewer dishes and containers is to cook meat and rice in the rice cooker. Including the rice and the right measure of water, then, at that point, place your prepared meat on top.

The strain and steam made inside the cooker should steam and thoroughly cook the meat as you cook your rice.

Ensure the piece of meat isn’t excessively thick or massive; cut into more lean cuts before cooking, assuming this is the case.

Assuming you observe that your rice is adhering to the lower part of your rice cooker with or without the meat, then these methodologies should help. I’ve seen that this is more normal when I attempt to cook meat and rice together in a rice cooker.

2. Steamed Fish or Meat

Steamed Fish or Meat

Assuming you are hoping to steam fish or meat, it is critical to have a steam rack (this is the one I have) that can be opened into the rice cooker’s bowl.

You don’t need the meat to be contacting the lower part of the rice cooker as that might prompt consumption or a breakdown.

To begin with, pour in the water.

It is prescribed to utilize 2 cups (500ml) of water for fish and 2½ cups (625ml) for chicken, pork, or meat.

Then, at that point, spot prepared meat onto the steam rack and turn on the rice cooker.

To keep away from overcooked meat, you might need to set your clock as the rice cooker will just be a mood killer once all the water has vanished, not when your meat has cooked.

A few rice cookers have clocks included (like this one); others don’t and, accordingly, will more often than not be fundamentally less expensive as it’s essentially an on and an off button (like this one). On the other hand, I’ve viewed the clock on my telephone as totally fine.

The more you use your rice cooker for this capacity, the better thought you will have of what time it takes to cook your meat impeccably.

The incredible thing about rice cookers is that you can remove the top without switching off the machine, making it simple to check how prepared your food is.

Once done, you can leave the meat in the rice cooker set at the ‘warm’ setting. Nonetheless, try not to do this for long as that may likewise prompt overcooked meat.

3. Braised Meat or Meat Stews

Braised Meat or Meat Stews

For example, preparing one-pot suppers, hamburger stew, or braised short ribs should likewise be possible in a rice cooker. This is a fabulous option compared to a sluggish cooker where you may somehow, or another generally cook, braised meats and stews.

Just turn on the cooker to ‘cook’ work, and, once hot, it very well may be utilized to saute any vegetables or meat before including the fluid and covering with the top to permit the dish to cook thoroughly.

For this sort of cooking, attempt to find plans appropriate for rice cookers as you might have to add more water or fluid to permit the rice cooker to work adequately.