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How Can I Replace My Food Processor With A Blender?

How Can I Replace My Food Processor With A Blender?

How To Use A Blender Instead Of A Food Processor?

Blenders and food processors are such machines established in most of the kitchens. They are one of the most utilized machines inside your kitchen. Accordingly, it is exceptionally fundamental to have those with you since they will assist you a great deal with preparing and making delectable food.

Numerous fledglings imagine blenders and food processors are equivalent to these two apparatuses, are comparative in appearances, and can fill similar roles. Yet, there stands a significant distinction among them.

Today we will find out about blenders and food processors, and do we want both of these gadgets to finish our kitchen, and would a blender be able to play out the errands of a food processor, if indeed, how?

Food processors

Food processors are kitchen apparatuses connected at the hip with a blender. They can assist you with setting up many food things rapidly and without any problem.

Not at all like blenders, a food processor requires a small measure of fluid to work. They are fit for cleaving, cutting, baking, mixing, or dicing to plan food rapidly.

The size arrives in an alternate reach that is 2 cup choppers for 1-2 individuals to 20 cup choppers that can be utilized for countless individuals or even in a café kitchen. The cost of the food processor ranges between $40 to $700. The costly models accompany connections, for example, crushing factories, citrus squeezes, blender containers, and distinctive estimated bowls.

This aids you in many ways; however, it makes it hard to clean and requires a great deal of room and care.

Assuming you cook food in huge bunches for an enormous number of individuals, then you require a food processor that can assist you with doing the work genuinely speedy.


Blenders are exceptionally intended to fill the role of mixing fluids. When a blender is turned on, a vortex is made, which pulls the fixings inside the blender to accumulate at the middle, which assists them with mixing appropriately.

Blenders are excellent for getting ready squeezes and transforming fixings into smooth combinations. It can likewise be utilized to smash the ice and make plunges.

A regular blender accompanies normal tallness between 8-22 inches and discusses how they can run between 4-18 pounds. Assuming you are somebody who consistently drinks smoothies and soups, then without a doubt, a blender is the best apparatus that will fit in your kitchen.

Two primary sorts of standing blenders are fit for making bigger groups in a single-use while there are smaller than expected blenders that can offer you 1-2 bits at a solitary time. A few blenders accompany extra connections that assist you with crushing things like espresso and nuts.

The cost of such blenders can run between $20 to $500 according to your necessities and prerequisites. However, they all fill a similar role shift in value due to the highlights, quality, and brand.

There are blenders known as hand or stick blenders which can perform short positions like making a plunge or mixing soup for you or smoothies. This kind of blender expects it to be conveyed, and it tends to be exceptionally tiring when it should be held for extensive stretches.

Would we be able to involve a blender as a food processor?

The solution to this inquiry relies upon what you need to cook. Beneath referenced portions are tips and deceit, you can use while utilizing a blender rather than a food processor. They work very well as a substitute for specific dishes, while they probably won’t work for some.

Bread scraps

You can utilize a limit of two cuts of dried bread and run the blender on rapid for 30 seconds. On the off chance that your blender has a heartbeat choice, then, at that point, utilize the beat choice for 30 seconds.

Child food

Assuming you are contemplating making child food utilizing a blender, then, at that point, add a combination of newly cooked vegetables in the blender container. Presently turn on the blend at its most impressive speed to get a smooth combination of added fixings.


A blender is fit for hacking somewhat. You can utilize it to hack vegetables. For this spot, the vegetables inside the container, run it on the minor settings and ensure that the vegetables are at the base in the center, so they are inappropriate contact with the sharp edges.


Assuming that you are a pesto sweetheart, then, at that point, setting it up at home would be superior to eating it outside, which contains fats. All you should assemble is ¾ cup of olive oil, ¾ cup of cheddar, 1 ½ cups of basils, three cloves of garlic, and ¼ cups of pine nuts. Add this multitude of fixings to the blender container.

Run the blender container on medium speed until the sauce of the pesto turns sufficiently smooth.


You can likewise squash ice utilizing a blender. Ice is vital in gatherings, and you should put 5-6 solid shapes of ice inside the container and run the blender on medium until you get finely squashed ice.


Assuming that you have a modern blender, I would suggest you set up the mixture. A home use blender isn’t equipped for getting ready mixture because of its thin shape and sharp cutting edges.

A few important things to know.

A few adornments show up for certain blenders that can also be purchased like alter stick, serving cups, ice cutting edge containers, and that’s just the beginning.

By and large, most blenders have 3-speed settings, yet costly ones accompany 6-speed settings as well. You can get them according to your prerequisites.

Suppose you don’t have the foggiest idea of utilizing the settings. At first, add the fixings individually to forestall wastages.

Utilize least fixings while involving a blender as they can’t deal with a volume equivalent to a food processor. Just use ¼ of what you use for a food processor.


Assuming you are adequately brilliant and know how to utilize the settings, it will not be hard for you to utilize a blender rather than a food processor. You’ll need to remember specific settings and safeguards, and afterward, you are all set.