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Is it possible to bake using a rice cooker? How Do You Do It Correctly?

Is it possible to bake using a rice cooker? How Do You Do It Correctly?

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Do you have a sweet tooth

Who can prepare cakes in a wok moreover? In any case, here I will unveil something else in which you can prepare cakes, that is, a rice cooker. Indeed, what can heat cakes in a rice cooker?

I started investigating various roads concerning my rice cooker for things other than rice. I understood others were by then doing this and after I found how much energy cooking with a rice cooker truly extras, I’ve started to use it fundamentally more. Rice cookers are adaptable.

You can make soups in them, steam vegetables in them, they are likewise great for making pasta, and presently I will be filling you in regarding its another element, baking. Baking time relies upon the sort of rice cookers.

A few progressed rice cookers accompany an element of baking, yet some don’t. In this way, it is educated to search for the highlights for the rice cooker. You can go with the readymade one to create a player without anyone else. I will be sharing two sorts of plans here, one will be a 3-4 stages formula with a readymade cake blend, and another will be an itemized adaptation, which means in this manner, that it will tell you the best way to make a legitimate cake player. Absent a lot of ado, how about we prepare.

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How to Bake Using a Readymade Cake Mix?


Cake blend of your beloved flavor

2-3 eggs (provided that it is referenced on the cake blend)

Consumable oil or margarine can likewise be utilized.



Blend every one of the fixings as depicted on the cake blend.

Take out your rice cooker and empty the player into the pot.

If you have a non-stick pot, there will not be a need to lube the pot before pouring the hitter. In any case, do as such.

Assuming you have a high-level rice cooker, then, at that point, search for the settings and, on the off chance that not, switch it “on.”

Check the cake utilizing a toothpick or stick, assuming that it is prepared or not after auto-off.

How to Bake a Chocolate Cake in the Rice Cooker?


Two cups of generally useful/refined flour/maida.

One and a half cups of powdered sugar

250gm spread

Three eggs

1 tsp vanilla pith

1 cup of cocoa powder

1 tsp baking powder

One and a half cups of Milk

A spot of salt



Take a bowl and add refined flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt. Blend it well.

Take another bowl and add sugar to it.

Heat the spread in a bowl and make it a piece delicate.

Add the spread into the sugar and whisk it until the sugar deteriorates in the margarine.

In an alternate bowl, add eggs followed by an exhaustive beat until it is delicate.

Empty the egg blend into the flour combination while whisking the whole time.

Add Vanilla pith, Milk and mix until you get a smooth, pouring consistency.

Oil the sides and lower part of the pot with oil or margarine and empty the cake blend into the pot. (assuming you have a non-stick pot, then what can disregard this progression)

Switch on the rice cooker and sit tight for a delicious chocolate cake.

Assuming you own a high-level rice cooker, then, at that point, search for the baking settings, and you are all set.

Look at the cake with a toothpick or a stick on the off chance it is done and improve it with chocolate ganache and your cherished things.

The formula of Chocolate Topping or Ganache


500gm chocolate (what can likewise utilize dim chocolate)

50gm of unsalted margarine

A cup of whipping cream or cooking cream


Take a glass bowl and add chocolate pieces into it.

Soften the chocolate with the twofold bubbling technique.

When the chocolate is softened, add whipping cream and unsalted margarine.

Mix the blend well until every one of the protrusions is no more.

Pour the fixing on the cake and let it rest.

The rice cooker does bewildering baking, especially for those people who need dependable planning mechanical assemblies in their kitchen. An electric rice cooker can cook a cake anyway. It would be best to sing out the brand that has getting ready mode since a few out of every odd one of them can play out the limit. The advancement has provoked the improvement of other created electric rice cookers that can be used for getting ready. Take out the time, completely search out and pick the one that meets your tendencies.