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Is it Possible to Use a Vitamix as a Juicer?

Is it Possible to Use a Vitamix as a Juicer?

Can Vitamix Be Used As A Juicer?

The corporate world has brought individuals to their knees by forcing them to work excessive hours. They have little or no time to be healthy and available for work simultaneously. According to a poll conducted in the United States of America, about 31 million people skip breakfast every day. Nearly 80 percent of the same population claims they are pressed for time. So, should we just let 31 million people miss meals? No, of course not. you’ve undoubtedly heard that one of the healthiest things you can do is “juicing.” According to studies, a full glass of juice with toast is plenty to keep you going for the day. While the latter is available in stores, the juice is made from scratch.

What exactly is a Vitamix?

Vitamix was founded almost 100 years ago in 1921 by the Barnard family. From the beginning, the creator of Vitamix aimed to encourage healthy living, so the term ‘Vita’ in Vitamix signifies life. Since then, Vitamix has been responding to clients’ blending needs, establishing itself as one of the top-rated blenders on the market.

Is it feasible to juice using a Vitamix?

Vitamix has an incredible array of functions in store for you. The following are some of the functions that the product excels at:

  • Vegetables are sneaked into delectable shakes and smoothies.
  • Avocados, raw cocoa powder, and other nutrient-dense raw foods make rich, delectable puddings and creamy sweets.
  • In about 5 minutes, you can make fresh, healthy hummus.
  • In one glass, you’ll get five servings of fruits and vegetables, as well as all the fiber you need for the day.
  • Make your nutritious nut flours and nut butter (this will save you a lot of money!)
  • It has also been observed that after preparing a juice, a Vitamix is significantly more straightforward to clean than a Juicer. Fill half the container with water, add a few drops of soap, and firmly shake. You get the best of both worlds this way! You’re done with a quick rinse.

Whole Food Juice in Vitamix

When you consume something whole, you get the most nutritional value out of it. If you remove any portion of it, you may end up with negative rather than good effects. In a Vitamix, you may produce juice from entire fruits and vegetables. To prepare the whole food juice, begin by combining your favorite fruits. Not all fruits, however, are ideal for blending. Use the fruits listed below instead of other fruits in your Vitamix to maintain its longevity.

  • Bananas
  • Mango
  • Fruits and berries ( Blueberries or strawberries, whatever you prefer )
  • Avocado
  • Peaches

These fruits produce less juice from within but provide beneficial nutritional components, allowing you to acquire every mineral your body requires in a single glass. The next step is to add your favorite greens. More, the merrier! You should also add powerful seeds to the mixture. Before adding the water and ice, blend for a few minutes. After that, add some lemon juice and, finally, an inch of ginger for a strong flavor. Your juice will mix for a few minutes, and you don’t want to strain it to preserve the fibers. You may experiment with different fruit and seed combinations to get the flavor that suits you best.


Without hesitation, Vitamix is the greatest and most flexible kitchen gadget available, and it won’t disappoint you if you purchase one. It takes very minimal counter space and is always ready to use. It’s superior to juicers since you can chuck the entire thing in instead of feeding the juicer in bits and pieces. Because the Vitamix essentially pulverizes fruits and vegetables down to the cellular level, all of the healthful vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients become more edible and accessible – all while generating amazingly smooth and creamy juice mixes on the go!