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Spanish Chorizo Substitutes: 10 of the Best

A conventional pork hotdog from Spain utilized in numerous ways is the Spanish Chorizo. It is a relieving pork frankfurter wherein smoked paprika is added for additional character.

Spanish Chorizo can be gentle or zesty. The surface can likewise fluctuate, which means it very well may be either delicate or semi-dried. In the combination of master slashed pork, there is pork fat and flavors like garlic, salt, pimento, and smoked paprika. It is generally cut and cooked before eating.

Commonly, what can add the cuts for extra flavors in paella, soups, stews, and a lot more plans? Further, assuming you don’t have any and it’s difficult for you to find, you presumably are searching for a substitution.

The best substitutes for Spanish Chorizo are Mexican Chorizo, Ground pork, Pepperoni, Linguica, Chickpeas, Andouille, Salami Bacon, Kielbasa, and some different wieners can likewise be utilized.

Peruse beneath and discover more about every one of these substitutes will fit totally in your cooking.

Substitutes for Spanish Chorizo

Since Spanish Chorizo is a particular kind of frankfurter made of pork and has an unmistakable mark of smokiness, it very well might be somewhat harder to supplant it.

In any case, we have accumulated here the best options, which will be ideal for the plans that call for Spanish Chorizo. A large portion of the substitutes beneath are produced using pork like the Chorizo; however, you can generally add paprika for extra hotness.

Make a point to utilize legitimate sums when supplanting. Change dependent on different fixings utilized in your cooking.

1. Mexican Chorizo

Something almost identical to the Spanish Chorizo yet with a somewhat more grounded taste is the Mexican Chorizo. It is one of the principal options you can use in your cooking.

The Mexican Chorizo is made with vinegar and chile peppers. It’s somewhat more smoking than the Spanish one. It isn’t cut before cooking; however, it can, in any case, be utilized in the majority of the plans rather than the Spanish Chorizo. You can add Spanish smoked paprika to approach the flavor of the Spanish Chorizo.

2. Ground pork

Ground pork

Since ground pork is important for the Spanish Chorizo, you can utilize it as a substitute. You can add an extra 3 to 4 teaspoons of paprika to look like the taste.

It is the fastest and least demanding choice you can utilize when you don’t have Spanish Chorizo. Even though the surface may not be something very similar, you’ll, in any case, get the smokey flavors that the Spanish Chorizo gives. You can likewise add bean stew peppers to expand the smokiness.

3. Pepperoni

In contrast to Spanish Chorizo in your plans, one more option will be Pepperoni. They are comparative, and both are prepared with paprika.

Remember that Pepperoni has stew peppers, and it is spicier. Additionally, it is a dried item, so that the surface may be unique. You can utilize equivalent sums when supplanting in your cooking.

4. Linguica

Another zesty choice that can supplant the Spanish Chorizo is the Linguica. It is spicier than the Chorizo and comes from Portugal. It is made with onions, garlic, and paprika which is like the surface and kinds of the Spanish Chorizo.

In any case, on account of the hotness, you want to diminish the sum you use in your cooking to supplant the Spanish Chorizo. Additionally, ensure that you cook the Linguica before eating.

5. Chickpeas


There is a veggie-lover elective that can be great to supplant Spanish Chorizo. That is assuming you use chickpeas. You can utilize depleted canned, or you can cook them at home.

To draw a nearer taste to Spanish Chorizo, you can add smoked paprika. Additionally, barbecued red peppers will add additional flavor and will be wonderful to draw nearer to the Spanish Chorizo.

6. Andouille

One more wiener that comprises ground pork and is prepared in much the same way as the Spanish Chorizo is the Andouille. It is a decent substitute, bigger than the traditional hotdogs, and is utilized in Cajun or beans.

It has an exceptionally unmistakable taste with a smokey and sharp taste. It is extremely extraordinary and is difficult to supplant. Use in the majority of the plans that call for Spanish Chorizo. In any case, decline the sum dependent on the taste and smokiness you appreciate.

7. Salami


A typical and effortlessly observed kind of frankfurter is Salami. One of the more methods for supplanting Spanish Chorizo. Since the flavor of Salami might fluctuate because of the many kinds, you can generally add paprika to mimic the smokey taste of the Spanish Chorizo. It is probably the ideal choice regardless of whether you appreciate hot wieners.

8. Bacon

You can generally add Bacon if you are struggling to conclude which sort of hotdog to use rather than Spanish Chorizo. This way, you’ll have the pork kind of the Spanish Chorizo, and you can add extra smoked paprika to finish the taste.

This way, you’ll impersonate the taste and have comparable outcomes. Remember that you want to cook the Bacon a long time before adding it to your formula.

9. Kielbasa

Kielbasa is another way that will assist you with supplanting the Spanish Chorizo. A Polish hotdog will be ideally suited for some kinds of plans that require Spanish Chorizo.

There are smoked sorts of Kielbasa and some which are exceptionally near the kind of the Spanish Chorizo. You can utilize this substitution in many plans and add equivalent sums.

10. Different frankfurters

Since there are many kinds of wieners, you can utilize the vast majority of them. However, it would be best to remember the taste and how they are made.

You can utilize both delicate and dried frankfurters. Notwithstanding, you want to remember the measure of time to cook them before utilizing them in your formula.

If you want to draw near the smokey point of the Spanish Chorizo, add a teaspoon of dried paprika. Change the hotness with fresh or dried bean stew peppers also.

Related Questions

Would I be able to substitute Andouille for Chorizo?

You can utilize andouille for chorizo. Nonetheless, remember that there may be contrasts between the surface and the taste since they are not the same.

Would I be able to utilize Pepperoni rather than Chorizo?

Pepperoni isn’t generally mind-boggling as Chorizo, yet they make a wonderful substitute. They have similitudes in the design and making process. Use in the vast majority of the plans as a substitution.

Would I be able to substitute Bacon for Chorizo?

You can utilize Bacon rather than Spanish Chorizo. To draw near to the flavor of the Spanish Chorizo, you can add one teaspoon of smoked paprika when you use Bacon.

What is a veggie-lover option in contrast to Chorizo?

You can utilize finished vegetable protein made of soy flour, and oil extricates.

You can make the trade and make a veggie-lover chorizo hotdog with rehydrated soya protein, red pepper, smoked paprika, and tomato puree, which will give the flavor of the Spanish Chorizo.

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