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Substitutes for Chia Seeds

Substitutes for Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are becoming increasingly popular for use in cooking. They are incredibly nutritious since they contain many fibers and Omega-3 fatty acids. As a result, if you’re aiming to eat healthily, they’re a must-have component in your kitchen.

Chia seeds have a mild flavor. Many people sprinkle them on their food or add them to their drink to acquire additional nutrients. Chia seeds are also commonly used as an egg substitute, popular among vegetarians and vegans.

But what if you attempt to prepare something that calls for chia seeds and discover you don’t have any? No worries, chia seeds may be readily substituted in various recipes. You may easily find a replacement for chia seeds in a warm meal, a dessert, or overnight oats.

Sesame seeds, psyllium husks, oat bran, quinoa, flaxseed, banana, egg, or yogurt can all be used in place of chia seeds.

Substitutes for Chia Seeds

Even though chia seeds offer several health advantages, they can be difficult to acquire, particularly in smaller stores. Hopefully, you’ll find some options mentioned below that you may utilize without making too many changes to your recipes.

1. Sesame seed

If you can’t locate chia seeds in your location, I’m confident you can get sesame seeds. They were used for cooking and baking long before chia seeds and are often less expensive.

They may be used to season both salty and sweet meals. Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds that are widely used.

Sesame seeds have a slightly more robust flavor than chia seeds, but they may be readily substituted in many recipes. For example, sesame seeds can be used in place of chia seeds in salads, smoothies, and granolas.

2. Psyllium husks

Psyllium husksPsyllium husks, like chia seeds, are an excellent method to enhance your fiber intake. Many individuals enjoy adding psyllium husks to their cuisine because they make them feel fuller between meals.

It is customary to purchase them as a powder or supplement. However, entire psyllium husks may also be found in many stores. If you’re going to use them to substitute chia seeds, you should use the whole husks.

Psyllium husks perform well in smoothies as a chia seed alternative. You won’t notice any difference in flavor, but you will receive extra fiber and minerals.

3. Oat bran

Oat bran

If you’re searching for an inexpensive chia seed replacement, try oat bran!

Oat bran is commonly used in meat and veggie patties and sweet sweets. You may use them as a chia seed alternative in crackers, energy bars, and smoothies. However, keep in mind that oat bran includes gluten, so if you’re seeking a gluten-free solution, consider the alternatives listed above.

4. Quinoa


Quinoa is a type of seed and may serve as an excellent chia seed alternative. It is often known as a grain. It is high in protein and is typically used in salads and veggie patties.

Yes, quinoa can be used to make your beloved chia pudding. I advocate using it in puddings as a chia seed alternative. Use the same quantity of quinoa, but cook it in water for 15 to 20 minutes before adding it to the milk.

5. Flaxseed


Chia seeds are used in many recipes to help the components hold together. Usually, you must combine them with water and form a sticky gel. Flaxseeds and chia seeds both function well in this condition.

If you use flaxseeds, you will need a little less water. For one tablespoon of chia seeds, most recipes call for three tablespoons of water. If you add flaxseed, use just 2.5 tablespoons of water; otherwise, your gel will be too sticky.

And one more thing: ground flax seeds must always be used as a chia seed substitute! You won’t be able to manufacture gel from entire ones.

6. Banana

You may also use mashed bananas to make the chia gel I stated before. If you want to add extra natural sugar to your sweets, this is a terrific option.

Instead of 1 spoonful of chia seeds and 1 cup of water, add 14 cups of mashed bananas. For the greatest results, use ripe bananas.

You may use less sugar when using bananas instead of chia seeds because bananas are inherently sweet. For each banana, I recommend using 10 grams less sugar.

7. Eggs

You may use eggs instead of chia seeds or flaxseeds if you don’t want to waste time preparing this gel.

The chia egg was created as a vegan alternative for eggs, but it also works the other way around. So, if your recipe calls for combining one tablespoon of chia seeds with 1 cup of water, you may easily skip this step by substituting one egg.

Chia seeds can be used in place of eggs in any cake or dessert.

8. Yogurt

Is it true that if you don’t have chia seeds, you can’t create overnight oats? Certainly not! There are several overnight oat recipes on the internet, but virtually all call for chia seeds.

Chia seeds are added to milk in overnight oats to give a pleasant, creamy texture comparable to yogurt. If you don’t have chia seeds, you may substitute yogurt for a similar texture. Cut the milk in half and replace the other half with yogurt.

This procedure is effective with both regular and plant-based yogurt. If you want to season your oats, I recommend unflavored yogurt.

Concerning questions

Can I use sunflower seeds with chia seeds?

Yes, you may use sunflower seeds for chia seeds in bread and crackers. You’ll need half the number of sunflower seeds.

Is it necessary to ground the chia seeds?

Chia seeds, unlike flaxseeds, do not need to be ground to reap their advantages.

What amount of chia seed should I consume?

Chia seeds offer several health advantages, but consuming too many might have adverse effects. It is advised to consume 1-2 spoons every day.