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The Difference Between a Magic Bullet and a Food Processor

The Difference Between a Magic Bullet and a Food Processor

Assuming you’re a growing gourmet specialist, you might be confounded by the sheer exhibit of machines accessible to help you in the kitchen! You will not have to buy each one when you’re beginning.

In this article, I will elaborate further on the distinctions between a magic bullet and a food processor to assist you with picking which one you need as per your needs, thus making the best choice.

Here is a correlation table that can assist you with understanding which machine is the most ideal for certain errands:

Recipe: Soups and purees

Magic Bullet: Best

Food Processor: Proficient

Recipe: Smoothies

Magic Bullet: Best

Food Processor: Not good

Recipe: Dips

Magic Bullet: Proficient

Food Processor: Best

Recipe: Butters

Magic Bullet: Can Manage

Food Processor: Best

Recipe: Chopped Vegetables

Magic Bullet: Not Good

Food Processor: Best

Recipe: Kneading Dough

Magic Bullet: Not Good

Food Processor: Proficient

Recipe: Cheeses

Magic Bullet: Not Good

Food Processor: Best

Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet does the occupation of different kitchen machines however is the size of an espresso cup. The plan is basic as there are no buttons or dials, and the motor initiates when you press down on the cup.

Load the fixings, twist the blade, fix it in the power base, and choose between the pulse and the easy lock feature.

A primary magic bullet is accompanied by resealable tops, a power base, three sizes of cups, one cross blade, two lip rings, and a to-go cup. Offering 200 watts of power, it weighs just 4.6 lbs making this light and convenient.

The maker guarantees that it can perform assignments like chopping, grinding, mixing, whipping, crushing, and pureeing.

Furthermore, I observed that it works effectively on smoothies, protein powders, delicate fruits, mixed greens, and vegetables. However, it battled a little with seeds and hard vegetables like beetroot.

However, you can buy extra amenities like blender cups and a blade to deal with ice and other solid food sources. Best of all, the magic bullet is valued reasonably and is effectively accessible on Amazon or their authority channel.

Cleaning the Enchanted Shot is straightforward as the cups and covers are dishwasher safe. It’s ideal for flushing the connections with warm water just after utilizing it. In any case, the blender cup is tight, and it’s somewhat challenging to reach with a sponge.


  • Versatile function
  • Minimized to store
  • Microwave safe cup
  • Reasonable
  • Cups and covers are dishwasher safe
  • It isn’t deafening, and it does not cause a commotion.


  • Little cups, so you can not deal with an immense amount.
  • Battles to squash ice

Food Processor

A food processor can mix, dice, cut, and puree a broad scope of fixings planned. It is the best apparatus for cutting through fixings like nuts to make a dish having a more rough surface.

They usually have sharp cutting edges, respectably strong motors, and wide holders. You can utilize this machine to make marinades, pesto, salsa, sauces, and batter.

A Wider bowl implies that fixings scatter equitably without overmixing. In any case, this doesn’t imply that you can’t add fluids to your food processor.

Oil and water are significant in uniting sauces and spreads. You can mix soups yet in smaller batches. The end-product may not be just about as smooth as it would in a blender.

Your regular food processor accompanies a chopping blade, distinctive-sized bowls, dough hook, cutting, and grinding plates. Some accompany a mixing container, which makes smoothies or baby food.

On the off chance that you intend to make juice with a food processor, you should buy a lattice filter. The machine’s limit is the USP here, with the standard model holding 4L.

Food processors are easy to clean, given their extended width.

All parts other than the motor are protected to use in a dishwasher. Thus a food processor is sufficient to prepare a feast for a group of 4.

Magic bullet Versus Food Processor

Blenders like the Magic Bullet are made to deal with fluids far superior to a food processor. It’s not difficult to pour out the fluid, and you can drink directly from the holder that you use to make your smoothie.

I would disagree that the Magic Bullet is the ideal decision to make butter and bread; it is robust to the point of crushing nuts, vegetables, and other smoothie fixings.

Food processors are ideal for work-intensive assignments, such as massaging the batter. Food processors have enormous blending bowls, making it simple to include different fixings simultaneously.

There are a couple of errands where one apparatus can make a preferred showing over the other. While blenders like the Enchanted Slug have become productive and reasonable, they actually can’t do substantially more than mixing.

An excellent quality one can pulverize ice, make butter or ice cream related to mixing; however, your regular magic bullet can’t rival the number of operations a food processor can perform.

Final Words on Food Processor versus Magic Bullet

A couple of years prior, you would have needed to purchase various apparatuses for each capacity, yet that is not the case any longer. You can see excellent quality food processors with additional connections that can help them mix, hack, and grind.

So what apparatus is appropriate for you-A a magic bullet versus a food processor? A blender is a decent choice assuming you set up a ton of fluids like smoothies and soups, while a food processor is ideal for planning massive, substantial, and thick amounts of food.

Assuming you have a vast family who cooks a great deal, you might require both. To buy just a single machine, you can go for a particular food processor that has an adequate number of apparatuses to mix fluids too.