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What to Do If Your Nutribullet Gets Stuck?

What to Do If Your Nutribullet Gets Stuck?

Nutribullet is one of the most well-known products, and its designer, Colin Sapire, refers to it as a nutrition extractor. In the realm of blending, the best Nutribullet was available at a reasonable price. The excellence of this substance, which was used with the mixing process, resulted in aggressive marketing. Nutibullet crushes ingredients with a compact four or six-bladed blade, includes a single-serve pitcher, blenders, and was designed to fit in a small space. Because the Nutribullet operates at fast speeds, it efficiently breaks down nuts, seeds, and hard foods into extracted form. When you pour unblended items into a Nutibullet sieve, they get liquified, and additional nutrients are removed that are beneficial for digestion. Nutribullets are an inverted procedure in which you load the containers with ingredients and then invert them before placing them in the motor. This blending method cannot be used with ordinary blenders because the materials, such as seeds and nuts, are resistant to smashing. It has a tiny motor and smaller ingredient bins that have been adjusted for single-serve smoothies.

What happens if your Nutribullet Activators get stuck?

The simple answer is that it will not wholly slide in when you try to attach the cup or jug. This occurs when something sticky gets inside, allowing the difficulty to creep in from time to time. First and foremost, you’ll need a q-tip, alcohol, and a butter knife to discover a solution. Immerse the q-tip in the alcohol, massage the activators with the q-tip, and the alcohol removes the stickiness in a couple of minutes. After that, position your knife so that the blade’s tip is in contact with the activator. Finally, insert the blade into the activator, and the problem is fixed. If it becomes stuck again, add additional alcohol and repeat the operation.

Why is Nutribullet not turning on?

Blender problems

Check if the cord is correctly inserted into the wall socket, as it can supply 120 volts. If the voltage is too low, it will not turn on. Examine the cable to check whether it is ripped, and replace it if it is no longer helpful. Another reason is that if the cup’s tab is damaged, the blender will not turn on.


Since the Nutrishake blend provides meals, leaks and spills can be seen in and around them. Ensure the extractor blade is securely attached to the cup lid, then read the handbook to understand how to utilize the cup’s ridges effectively. If it does not attach, you must purchase a new one. Typically, the purpose of a rubber seal is to secure the cup and prevent leaking. The rubber seal, sometimes known as the gasket, is located on the bottom of the extractor blade. If it is ripped or split, replace it according to the instructions. In powerbase, how do you secure a cup? Check that the cup is adequately gripped and secured onto the high torque power base. Powerbase has three slits that appear to coincide with the sides of the cup. If you detect cracks on the interior or outside of your Nutribullet, remove the cup from the high torque power base and look for fractures in the Nutribullet powerbase pieces. If you notice a crack ahead of time, you can safeguard the wires. If you discover a fracture in the base or cup, replace it.

Blade stopped turning

Usually, when we plug in the socket, the blade accelerates as if it were training for a marathon. However, if it refuses to turn, there might be a variety of causes for this. Let us go over them one by one. We occasionally use the blender for a longer amount of time. As a result, the creators of the Nutribullet recommend that you use it for no more than one minute. What if you use more than one minute? Your machine quickly depletes the motor, which impacts the blades. If you inhaled a burning odor, that might be the reason your engine refuses to start. Allow your powerbase to cool for an hour before unplugging it; the powerbase will resume soon.

Blade fight to blend food

What is the cause of the blade’s refusal to blend? And why is it taking so long? The reason for this is that the food gets trapped between the blades. To remove the extractor blade, first, disconnect the Nutribullet from the outlet and remove any obstructions. You may injure yourself while doing this, so proceed with caution. To cut it, the cup is either overloaded or full of food. It depends on the style of cup and the size, for example, 30 oz short cup or 45 oz big cup. You must determine the suggested maximum line utilized for food or fluids. Keep the components below the maximum line. This might be another reason why food is hit.

Reinstall the blade.

When you notice the blade rotating, it refuses to mix or cut the food completely. This is because your blade may seem dull, and, in the end, replacement is the only option. Continue blending after replacing the blade. The blade will now function correctly.

How can the jamming issue be resolved?

Add a few drops of warm water, oil, or vinegar to the activator’s slot and push it down after a few minutes. Don’t use your finger since you can be wounded during the procedure; instead, use a spoon or something else that you find handy to press down the activators. Your Nutribullet will now resume regular operation.