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What's the Difference Between Nigiri and Sashimi?

Nigiri versus Sashimi

Assuming you like Asian cooking, you presumably knew about the many kinds of sushi you can attempt. Regardless of whether they are all from the sushi class, there are contrasts between these dishes that you ought to know about while picking the one you like.

The most famous dishes in Asian food are nigiri and sashimi. What’s the distinction, you inquire? Indeed, the critical contrast between nigiri and sashimi is the primary fixing.

What can make nigiri with fish, salmon, or halibut and sushi rice? Then again, sashimi doesn’t contain rice, which is why it isn’t considered sushi in numerous spaces, and it tends to be made of other meat types, however fish.

Continue to peruse to comprehend the distinction between these two dishes so you will know what to arrange next time you attempt Asian food.

Nigiri versus Sashimi Comparison Chart




Crude, cooked

Continuously crude

Meat type


Fish, chicken, meat, shrimp, octopus, horse

Side dish

Comes without

Typically accompanies a side dish.


Less expensive

More expensive

Where can you find it?

All over the planet at every Japanese eatery

All over the planet at every Japanese café

Nigiri versus Sashimi versus Maki


Each time you attempt the food of an Asian café, particularly a Japanese one, odds are you will find nigiri, sashimi, and Maki on the food menu, among different sorts of sushi or dishes identified with sushi.

Nigiri is the nearest to traditional sushi from this large number of dishes. It contains sushi rice treated with a unique kind of vinegar, and it has new, crude fish on top of it. Dissimilar to nigiri, sashimi doesn’t seem sushi as it just has crude meat, no rice, or some other fixing.

Sashimi, like nigiri, can be made of fish, salmon, or halibut, yet you can track down chicken sashimi. Maki is a more famous yet not customary sushi type. It is otherwise called makizushi or California roll. This sushi is made of a rice roll that can contain fixings like vegetables, crude fish, and various sauces.

There are likewise different sorts of Maki that you can pick from as per the fixings you like. This roll can be enveloped by ocean growth or rice foil.

What is the Biggest Difference Between Nigiri and Sashimi?

When you consider nigiri and sashimi, the primary contrast that will ring a bell is how nigiri incorporates rice while sashimi doesn’t.

From the beginning, this may be the main distinction. Be that as it may, it isn’t. As we referenced, you can observe sashimi made of chicken and different sorts of meat, so not simply fish as it occurs with nigiri.

Regarding sashimi, this dish is regularly served alongside a side dish and sauces, for example, soy sauce, to add to its flavor. Great sashimi concerns how new the meat is and how well it is cut. The cuts of meat must be thin and simple to bite, what’s more consistently ready on the spot.

For what reason is Sashimi More Expensive Than Nigiri?

Sashimi is generally pricier than nigiri or considerably different kinds of sushi, which is a valid justification for that. Regardless of whether the dish appears snicker as it just holds back meat, this meat needs to come at the greatest consistently. The fish utilized for sashimi is consistently new, not frozen.

Furthermore, the fish utilized for sashimi isn’t cultivated fish or monetarily taken advantage of, not like different sorts of fish you can find in nigiri or distinctive sushi rolls.

The best sort of fish for sashimi is the one that is caught by line. Thus, this takes more assets and time. Additionally, sashimi accompanies an embellishment that normally adds to the cost.

This side dish for sashimi can be anything from kelp to daikon radish and shiso leaves. The gourmet expert concludes the embellishment, and the cost will vary dependent on that.

What is the Sushi Called With Salmon on Top of Rice?


One of the most famous sushi has a thick square of rice covered with a thin layer of salmon. You will observe this sort of sushi with other fish types on top of it.

In all circumstances, this is the good nigiri. The rice is made as a wide range of sushi rice are made with vinegar and sugar, and the meat can be crude, smoked, or prepared in various ways.

In any case, assuming you are searching for an overall picture, you will observe that a cut of salmon put on top of a sushi rice block is the nigiri conventional formula.

Would you be able to Make Nigiri and Sashimi at Home?

Making nigiri or sashimi just as different sushi is easy as long as you have the right fixings. Without the appropriate fixings, you won’t get comparable quality to café made sushi of any kind.

The best spot to get your sushi fixings is a nearby Asian market. Be that as it may, newness is critical so ensure you set up your dish when you purchase the fixings. In any case, you lose quality the additional time elapses.

Nigiri formula


Fortunately, you will require two or three primary fixings and some side ones. For the nigiri, you will require sushi rice, just as sushi vinegar, a blend of vinegar, sugar, and salt.

For a more real taste, you should utilize rice vinegar. Likewise, you will require the fish to be put on the rice block.

For one cup of rice, you will require two cups of water and one tablespoon of vinegar blend. You can either add these fixings to the rice cooker or set it up in the oven by heating the rice.

When it is prepared, give it 10-15 minutes to chill off and from it in blocks by utilizing your fingers. For nigiri, you want squares of rice of the size of two fingers.

“Two fingers” is additionally the interpretation for nigiri. Add the cut of fish on top of the rice block. Present with soy sauce and wasabi as per your inclination.

For more flavor, you can marinate the fish in various sauces that you like before you add it on top of the rice.

Sashimi formula


For sashimi, you need meat and trimming of your decision. Traditional sashimi is made of salmon or fish. The cuts of fish ought to be around five centimeters in length and not multiple centimeters thick.

Recall that you need to utilize new fish consistently. It would be best if you bought fish sold particularly for sashimi. This kind of fish is more straightforward to find in Asian business sectors, yet it will generally be pricier than different fish.

Getting ready sashimi shouldn’t require over 10 minutes. Just cut the fish and serve it with your preferred side dish.

You can add rice, kelp, or simply a soy sauce and wasabi blend. The mystery of tasty sashimi stays like the fish. Subsequently, this is a perspective you ought to never think twice about.


Both nigiri and sashimi are well known in Japanese cafés everywhere. Yet, it is critical to realize that sashimi will be made of various kinds of meat all over the planet, as per the assets.

Eventually, assuming you need the best form of sashimi, you ought to consistently pick the fish rendition as different sorts of meat are all the more a stretch to match different cooking styles. In contrast, the fish sashimi is more or less customary to the Japanese formula.

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