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Why Does My Rice Cooker Boil Over? And How Do I Stop It?

Why Does My Rice Cooker Boil Over? And How Do I Stop It?

For what reason is my rice cooker bubbling over? This is a typical inquiry that I get from perusers who have recently purchased their rice cookers and are encountering this issue. There are a couple of explanations behind why, and in this article, we will go through some of them.

For what reason Does Rice Boil Over?

Things being what they are, the reason rice bubbles over in all actuality? Rice cookers bubble over as a result of overabundance starting in the rice. We don’t encounter this much in America in light of the fact that our rice is washed preceding being stuffed. This doesn’t ordinarily occur in many regions of the planet, so you need to wash the rice entirely until all the starch is out.

How to Treat the Rice Cooker is Boiling Over

The most useful way to do this is to place the rice in a bowl and flush it two or multiple times until the water is presently not overcast however clear. Assuming you actually get a few issues, essentially add a teaspoon brimming with cooking oil, and that ought to get the job done.

Rice Cooker Boiling Over Story

At the point when I originally got my rice cooker two or three years prior, I saw one time that a few air pockets were conforming to the edges of the cooker.

I had utilized my rice cooker somewhere multiple times preceding that and had not encountered that. From the beginning, I just forgot about it as a once-off event; however, I witnessed it again the following time I cooked my rice.

Without a doubt, I was a piece stressed and imagined that the rice cooker was defective. It was somewhere around two months old at that point, and I was a little down and out, reasoning that I had squandered my cash.

It was an expensive brand of rice cooker. I disregarded this is on the grounds that, honestly speaking, I had 1,000,000 different things to stress over.

I set it aside for a substantial length of time and returned to getting ready rice in a pot. On one occasion, I returned home, and my significant other had chosen to prepare supper that evening.

I got into the kitchen, and he was utilizing the rice cooker. It had pretty bubbled over, as indicated by him. He had definitely approved of it by any stretch of the imagination.

I utilized it the following day to check whether it was anything but an accident and lo and observe, it currently worked once more. Everything was correct again with the world. I have been involved in it for two additional months with practically no issues until one day, and it began once more.

It reoccurred each time I utilized it after that. I was disappointed, and to exacerbate the situation, the guarantee time frame had terminated.

I kicked myself for not exchanging it when this matter happened the initial time. As I sat and contemplated my best course of action, I had an “aha!” second.

Whenever this happened, I first utilized a specific brand of Japanese Basmati rice cooker a companion had carried me from an excursion to Japan.

They had made one more visit to India and presented to me that rice. I cherished it and asked that they bring it for me the following time they went there. I was ready to pay them for it.

The twice that my rice cooker had bubbled over, I was cooking that specific brand of rice. To test my hypothesis out, I cooked one more brand of rice I had purchased from my neighborhood grocery store, and, as by enchantment, my rice cooker worked once more.

Just indeed, I attempted the Japanese rice cooker again, and it began bubbling once again. I immediately bounced onto Google and investigated that lastly found the reason why my rice cooker was bubbling over.