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Will You Use a Rice Cooker to Prepare Pasta?

Will You Use a Rice Cooker to Prepare Pasta?

Pasta! Goodness, I love pasta. The velvety surface of the pasta is paradise as I would prefer buds. Even though cooking it very well may be an assignment. At times, we don’t have those utensils and an ideal opportunity to cook pasta appropriately. How about we cook pasta in a Rice Cooker, as it’s not time taking.

Indeed, you read it right, and we can cook pasta in a rice cooker. Rice cookers are new advancements in the kitchen machine that have created interest from one side of the planet to the other. Consistently individual cooks rice, which is the explanation that prompted the advancement of the rice cooker to ease the cooking experience. What had reliably told me that the ideal way to cook pasta that was fragile yet thick and not tacky was to cook a fair amount of pasta in bunches of water and to bubble it, which essentially suggested burner as it were?

Fundamental Instruction on How to Cook Pasta In a Rice Cooker

Fundamental Instruction on How to Cook Pasta In a Rice Cooker

To start with, ensure your rice cooker can deal with how much COOKED pasta–recalling that it fills in volume when bubbled along these lines, add likewise. Then, at that point, add some salt to the water; however, chill out because recall a rice cooker cooks by vanishing. Then, at that point, add around one teaspoon of oil to forestall the frothing; close the top and set to ‘cook.’ Put the top down and allow the pasta to rest for 8-12 minutes. Taste the pasta to check whether it is finished. An essential technique to test is throwing a bit and assuming it sticks; by then, it’s good to go.

The Right Type of Rice Cooker

The right kind of rice cooker is an absolute necessity when preparing food other than rice in the rice cooker. I was terrified when I purchased a rice cooker for myself as I didn’t know what sort of rice cooker should be purchased. To help you sort out the best rice cooker for your necessity, I’ve diverted to audits from genuine customers on Amazon who have purchased and used the contraptions for them and picked one of the most mind-blowing rice cookers to suggest. Underneath referenced is the rice cooker I have picked.

Smell Housewares Rice Cooker, Professional Version

Smell Housewares Rice Cooker, Professional Version

This speedy and solid rice cooker from Aroma does everything. Notwithstanding explicit capacities for cooking, this Aroma form additionally has a steaming dish to cook vegetables simultaneously and a nonstick internal cooking bowl that is removable for simple washing. The programmable apparatus is incredible for home cooks who don’t have the opportunity to stick around an oven because of its 15-hour postponed clock and programmed keep-warm capacity that turns on when the food gets done with cooking. With huge loads of five-star.

surveys, this Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker is Amazon’s first-class rice cooker. Clients spout about the cooker’s flexibility and solidness.

Definite Recipe of Pasta In the Rice Cooker


250 grams of pasta (I’d suggest Penne)

Palatable oil

Two medium-sized cut onions

Salt, 1 tsp squashed red bean stew, ½ tsp sugar, oregano

2 tbsp ground cheddar (parmesan could be a decent choice)

Garlic cloves (discretionary)

Basil leaves (discretionary)


Set the rice cooker on cook mode and add oil. Assuming you are utilizing garlic, then, at that point, add and saute briefly.

Add cut garlic and saute until somewhat brown.

Add pasta followed by water and mix well.

Add salt as per taste, oregano, squashed red bean stew, and sugar and bubble in the wake of blending it well.

Add basil leaves, parmesan cheddar, and cook until it is finished.

Serve hot!


One can add previously bubbled pasta, and afterward, there will not be any need to heat the pasta once more.

Regardless of whether you’re a sorry gourmet expert (or that into innovation) or have claimed many rice cookers previously, however, with the assistance of the right sort of rice cooker, you can become amazing at preparing food other than rice in the rice cooker. I am certain because, with experience, I currently make very great pasta in the rice cooker.